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Preparation for Stereo Mastering
Stereo Mastering:
With this method, only your final mix is processed, not individual
groups of tracks (as in Stem Mastering). This simplifies the preparation!

Here's how to prepare your song for Stereo Mastering:
  1. Create a Final Mix: Make sure you're satisfied with your mix. In Stereo Mastering, this mix is processed as a whole.
  2. Check Effects: All effects important for the sound of your song should remain activated. Caution: Volume! Protect your ears, especially when making changes to the main channel.
  3. Check Volume: The mix should not clip. Ensure that the main channel has an appropriate level (around -6dBFS Peak) and is not distorted.
  4. Export: Export your final mix. When exporting, choose the WAV or AIFF format, 32bit, and either 48kHz or the original sample rate of your project.
  5. Review Before Sending: Please listen to your exported mix in its entirety to ensure there are no errors and everything sounds as you envisioned.

Now, you're ready to send your song for Stereo Mastering!
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