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Preparing for Stem Mastering

What's the difference from Stereo Mastering?
Stereo Mastering: Only your final song is processed.
Stem Mastering: We work with individual groups of tracks (Stems) from your song, offering more room for enhancement.

Which Stems are needed?
  • Lead Vocal - Your main voice, without any backing vocals.
  • Backing Vocals - Harmonies and voice doublings.
  • Adlibs - Individual words or effects you've added.
  • Bass - All bass tracks.
  • Drums & Percussion - Your entire drum set and all percussions.
  • Music - All instruments.
Note: If you have the beat only as a finished mix, that's fine.
How do I export the Stems?
  1. Determine Song Length: Mark the beginning and end of your song. Make sure the song doesn't get cut off at the end. This range should be consistent for all Stems.
  2. Turn off Effects: Turn off all effects on the main channel. Exceptions are special effects that contribute to the song's sound. Effects on individual tracks remain on. Caution: Volume! Protect your ears!
  3. Check the Volume: Turning off effects can change the volume. Ensure the main channel isn't distorting.
  4. Export Stems Individually: Mute all tracks you don't currently want to export and export each Stem individually.
  5. Choose File Format: When exporting, select the WAV or AIFF format, 32bit, and 48kHz or the original sample rate of your project.
  6. Review Before Sending: Before you send the exported Stems, please listen to them in full once more. This ensures no errors are present, and everything sounds as you imagined.
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