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Correct Naming for Releases (Credits)
Dear Customers,
When you release a song, it's crucial to correctly name and link all contributors. This ensures proper recognition and allows listeners to learn more about the contributors behind the music. Below is a guide on how to correctly name and link based on my contribution:

General Information:
  1. Please always link to my Instagram profile "" when possible.
  2. If linking isn't feasible, use my name: "Paul Misty."
  • Compositioncomposed by 
  • Lyrics: lyrics by
  • Mixing: mixed by
  • Mastering: mastered by
Combined Roles (Examples):
  • Composition & Lyricssong written by 
  • Composition, Mix & Master: composed, mixed & mastered by
  • All Roles: song written, mixed & mastered by
Further Information
"For more details and audio samples, visit"
Please note that specific fields or methods to name contributors may exist depending on the platform or distribution service.
Thank you for your attention and proper recognition.
Best regards,
Paul Misty
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