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»Paul Misty is a musician, producer, mix, and mastering engineer who has already helped many artists achieve their goals.«

Thanks to my many years of experience in studio recordings, I bring out the best in your performance.

Hey  YOU,

it's great to see you here!


If you want to bring your ideas to life or give your songs the best possible sound, just drop me a message about your goals, and let's see how I can assist you in achieving your plans.


I've got 20 years of experience with music production, recording and mixing. Since 2019, I have been working full-time in the industry offering my clients top-tier premium services.

A few facts about myself

I've been fortunate to learn from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

I've learned the techniques used for Ed Sheeran, J. Balvin, Chris Brown, Adele and more.

I apply these techniques to my clients for incredible results.

I've built a vast network and ensure that my clients benefit from it.

I've helped newcomers sign record deals with major labels.

My clients are international artists from the USA, Europe, to South America.





Professional Services Worldwide


Chords & melodies.

»Forget the ordinary. Your songs will receive a professional sound design that sounds more unique than the average.«

From composition and vocal toplines to piano, drums and synthesizer – I've got it all covered to help you craft a captivating sound!



Good gear. Good ear.

»Say goodbye to bad recordings and amateur workflow.«

With me by your side, you'll have a seasoned engineer who grasps your musical vision and captures those “magical moments” allowing you to focus solely on your performance. 

You'll get access to the
best equipment possible, which is also used by the biggest stars that our world knows. Microphones like Neumann U47, M49, Sony C800G, and hardware like Neve, LA-2A, 1176, Pultec and much more. From vintage to modern - I've got it all covered.




Unrivaled vocal sound.

»Songs mixed by Paul reached multiple millions of streams and helped artists to sign major label.«

Together, we adjust your sound to your liking. I'll invite you to our first class streaming service. All you need is a device with internet and your usual headphones.




Chart-ready song polishing.

»Your songs will get a modern sound that is powerful, clear and competitive.«

Only top-notch analog gear. Your songs will sound amazing. Trust me.



Dolby Atmos® & Spatial Audio

An immersive 3D audio experience.

»Get the opportunity for more streams and higher earnings.«

Benefit from large editorial playlists created by Apple specifically for 3D audio. With a 3D audio mix, you automatically stand out from 99% of all artists. At the same time, you get a three-dimensional sound that takes your songs to a whole new level.

Your listeners won't even need extra speakers. I mix everything so that your audience can hear the 3D audio songs directly with their headphones.


Exclusive Mentoring

Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering.

»Take YOUR skills to the next level.«

Crank up your music game with my personalized mentorship program. Gain VIP access to one-on-one sessions, live from my studio, beamed directly into your headphones, no matter where you are in the world. Together, we'll craft top-notch tracks that you can self-publish in the future. With flexible service subscriptions, you're in control of how long you ride this wave of musical success. Let's turn your music dreams into reality!




Discover my Production Portfolio.


Success Stories.
Bella Robin

Bella Robin
The Voice


Euro Vision
Song Contest


The Voice

Working with Paul is fun and very positive. He brings in great ideas, respects your vision, and delivers results that exceed expectations. Highly recommendable.

Paul skillfully mastered my track, enhancing the mix while preserving its essence. His professional approach ensured a smooth, positive collaboration.

Collaborating with Paul was fantastic. We turned my demo into a song in Zoom sessions, and he re-recorded the piano and drums. His attention to detail is unique.

Kaya Sara

Kaya Sara
Artist, Pop Singer

My home studio recordings were a disaster. Paul analyzed my situation, showed me what I had to do and explained everything to me, and now my own recordings sound perfect.


Classical Singer

Working on my song felt like a journey back to the basics, the pure joy of music. It was just me, Paul, and the piano. Refreshing simplicity.


Artist, Rapper, Singer

Paul nailed the vocal toplines. He knows his stuff about vocal harmonies and made it clear what I should sing for it to sound really good.


Artist, Rapper, Singer

Paul's studio work was exceptional. By combining creative direction with professional recording and mixing, he captured and amplified the artistic soul of every song.​


Drop Me a Line.

Why I don't display prices:

Through my many years of experience as a music producer and my expertise in this industry, I understand that every musical project is unique. The diversity of your creative vision and project requirements cannot be captured by standard prices. My goal is to provide you with the best possible service that is tailored not only to your artistic needs but also to your budget.

I warmly invite you to ask questions or discuss your project in detail. Your music deserves a customized approach, and I look forward to collaborating with you to bring your musical vision to life. Trust that you are in the best hands with me.

Thank you! Your message has been send.

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